Terms and Conditions

1. Executing services within 24 hours of the order. Follow the status of your order in the Orders Reports Section.

2. Upon your request of any service, please make sure that the status of your account is “Public” and not “Private”.

3. Do not order a service of an account that has another order under execution. Wait until the first order is complete, otherwise one of them will not be delivered.

4. In case of followers decrease in your account for orders of 30 days warranty, you can contact customer support to recompense any unfollow.

5. There is no cancellation or refund of any order for any cause or reason, except in cases of failure of our systems to continue delivering.

6. prices are subject to changes any times without any prior notification.

7. We do not guarantee the delivery of services immediately or in the same day; speed in service execution depends on the type of service , and the number of orders.

8. For any queries or problems in your orders, you can open a ticket to the support and we will react to it immediately.

9. Upon your order, you do agree on all conditions and terms.